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The sole proprietor of the law firm is the Attorney Stefano Salvetti, registered with the “Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano”. The law firm deals with consultancy and legal assistance with the precious support of its staff. The law firm operates in Italy and follows international projects both in the EU and in non – European countries.

The law firm assures its legal assistance, thanks to the collaboration of qualified and reliable professionals, on the whole Italian territory. Thanks to the different specializations the firm grants full legal assistance in the areas of civil and commercial litigation to both private citizens and businesses with an approach inspired by the principles of economic analysis of law.

The activity of the law firm is exercised, as well as in total respect of the standards contained in the ethics code,  with the respect and defense of the dignity of the human person.

The law firm’s activity is organized in order to guarantee personalized relationships with its clients which in turn allows a frequent and direct contact with the professional in charge.

In the perspective to improve and increase the services rendered to clients, the firm uses informatic instruments and legal tools which allow to render the service in a reasonable amount of time as well as guarantee constant information to the clients.

The clients’ sensitive personal data is processed in a secure way which does not prejudice the interests of the individuals concerned and guarantees the protection of all data. It is possible to contact the law firm by phone and ask to book an appointment, explaining, if necessary, the reasons for the requested legal assistance.


The professionals that collaborate in the law firm:

Attorney Stefano Ottavio Andrea Salvetti (Sole proprietor)


Optimistic and strong willed, he believes and follows the value of human dignity above anything else also with the means of his job.

Ordine degli avvocati di Milano
Lingue conosciute: italian, english
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Prof. Avv. Valentina Sessa


Docente universitario di Diritto Amministrativo I e Diritto amministrativo II – Giustizia amministrativa, è autrice di numerose ricerche e pubblicazioni, tra cui diverse monografie.

Lingue conosciute: inglese
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